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Ok everyone – after nearly 5 years of operating this website and getting NO results. I have decided to put my time and effort into other marketing methods. Thank you for visiting! This website will officially close as of November 1st 2012.

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Testimonials — What clients are saying about Terry Johnston
Barrie Financial Planning
Barrie Financial Planning is available for the unique needs of the residents of Barrie, Ontario
Personal Financial Planning
Personal financial planning is the individual financial plan that works for you!
Choosing a Financial Planner
Choose the right financial planner, and have a happy investment experience
Retirement savings accounts
Retirement savings accounts come in several different types.
The Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) is being ignored by too many Canadians
The Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) for Canadians is being underused and mark my words the government will change it — because it is too good to be true!
first time home buyer
A first time home buyer can face the daunting task of trying to save the required down payment. Well there is an easy way to do it

Debt Collection and Management is the key to controlling your financial future.

Debt collection is not what you want. You want debt elimination
Cheap Life Insurance
Cheap Life Insurance is what we all want, but what is the best way to get it?
cheap Insurance
Cheap Insurance doesn’t mean poor quality insruance. Policies are designed to migigate loss — but in many cases they can do so much more
Disability Insurance
Guarantee your Job for life by having Disability Insurance
Investment research
Investment research is key to becoming a successful investor
Reverse mortgage
A reverse mortgage, can be a life saver for those who have discovered that the retirement funds could be running low
Leverage or Leveraging has a specific meaning in the world of financial or investment planning.
Gold Investment
A Gold Investment is that something you should consider
Silver Investment
A Silver Investment is a good choice for many investors, but not silver stocks, but rather the physical metal
Tax smart Investing
Tax smart investing means you have a whole financial plan not just a part of one
tax shelters
Tax shelters can save you a lot, but they can also cost you more than you know
tax tips
Some easy to use tax tips that can help a great deal.
Tax freedom day
Tax freedom day is a day the media talks about, but do you know when your personal tax freedom day is?
Insured Retirement using a Universal Life policy
Insured Retirement using a Universal Life Policy will put more cash in your retirement pocket for much longer
retirement calculator
retirement calculator
retirement income planning
Retirement income planning is important in these scary times.
retirement advice
Retirement advice to help you enhanced Retirement Income
Government Benefits for many will be their only retirement income.
Government benefits are available to most, but you must apply for them.
Best retirement locations
We all want to know the best retirement locations to provide us with an idyllic lifestyle
Estate Planning
Estate planning makes sense for most people
Do it youself legal forms
Do it yourself legal forms is now available to all the citizens of the USA, Australia, the UK and Canada. Luckily we have one thing in common–we all live in a society based on the rule of law and ind
achieve financial freedom
What is the secret to achieve financial freedom?
Self employment opportunities — Security is in the person not the job!
self employment opportunities – 4 steps that make them work
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Mutual Fund Disclaimer
Mutual Fund Disclaimer
This disclosure page is for those of you who didn’t know I also recommend an sell insurance products through an MGA called Qualified Financial Services
privacy policy
privacy policy
guest writers Page
This page is where guest writers can add their information and views to the web site